Scintilla #1: Navigation and Destinations

Isabel and I had our first art show/reading last week at Brooklyn Fire Proof. And it was a success! We are now officially hosting a monthly multimedia event series known as Scintilla.

scin·til·la  (sĭn-tĭl′ə)
1. A minute amount; an iota or trace.
2. A spark; a flash.
[Latin, spark.]

The theme for the first event was “Navigation and Destinations”. It was amazing to see how different artists and writers chose to explore this idea in their work. There were awkward dates, angels and demons, and even the crushing guilt of giving bad directions. Surrounding the readers, the art pieces told their stories, creating a fascinating juxtaposition of sight and sound.

The stories, poems, and essays tangled and danced, a synesthetic art experience that was as messy as it was beautiful.

Mieko Meguro
Hany Mohamed
Cindy Hinant
Miran Abdelfattah
Isabel Schneider
Robert Nava

Melissa McDaniel
Georgette Eva
Chad Wisinger
Imani Hardaway
Katie Meyer
Jaritza Geigel
Siena Hassett
Abigail Wenzel
Everett Goldner
Adilka Pimentel
Devin Cleary

Although I was initially nervous, I was amazingly humbled by the result. It was inspiring to see what a talented, diverse group of people we have met since we moved to New York.

As a writer, I want literary readings to be exciting.  I want people to come because they want to experience poetry and prose in new way. Not because they feel obligated to see a friend read, but because they know it will be fun. I am happy that, at least in a small way, we are working to make this happen. I’m grateful to live in Brooklyn, where it’s possible, and where there are so many people eager to help. Scintilla is something that Isabel and I are both very excited about. We believe in connecting emerging and established creators with audiences, and we want this project to continue to grow.

The next Scintilla event will be February 26th with Amy Rodriguez as curator. The theme is “Love: Lost and Found”. We are searching for more artists, readers, and musicians who are interested in sharing their work. If you’d like to participate, please email


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